hot hot hot

mj and i just tried to take a walk but it was hot./ and not the good kind of hot when i’m asleep on someone and get all snuzzly warm, but the nasty kind of hot that makes you want to be someplace not hot.

4 thoughts on “hot hot hot

  1. 84% humidity is not a good time to walk, in case you didn’t know that already. So when we got home I thought it was just being hot that he was cranking about but no, he just kept on. I finally realized that he was hungry. So now he’s eaten and he’s still the grouch-king of the world. MJ isn’t very bright sometimes…

  2. I’m quite impressed that Eli has a grasp of Hell at such a young age.

    He must be Presbyterian.

    [Look who’s going to hell now! It’s … Uncle Geof!]

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