baby journals

this afternoon i went looking for more baby journals like mine. i found a bunch of them that were supposed to be baby journals, but they were all written by mothers and not babies./ what’s up with that.7 it’s like trying to find out what it’s like to be a firefighter by reading some thirteen year olds journal.

anyway, i read this one called dooce at, and it was really funny. but one of the journal entries at was about how people were writing her and telling her how bad of a mom she was.

i didn’t understand that at first, but then i realized that it’s like she has commenters, like i have here, but her commenters don’t love her. her commenters don’t even like her, it sounds like./ and that’s just mean. i wouldn’t want people coming on here and telling me how bad i was at drooling or anything.

i think everyone should contact her and tell her it’s okay and that we think she’s cool. she tells how you can reach her on this page at