birthday party

i went to another birthday party. it is like everyone i know is having a birthday. this is the third one. this one was for my friend will. i would say hi to will but i do not think he reads this journal. he’s smart and all but he is not very interested in technology or the rise of online diaries enabled by technology such as livejournal.

anyway we had cheerios and kix which are like cheerios only puffy and wagon wheels and a little bit of cake although not too much. and there were some other friends like mackenzie and also new babies i did not know who were mostly older than me except for this one who was like five weeks old and very boring.

will got a lot of cool presents and i got to chew on some of them. bg left early but mj and i got to stay and play and there was some duke basketball on for a while before we left.

it was a busy day./

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  1. Eli, very soon all your friends will be coming to your birthday party.
    Tomorrow you will be 10 months old and that is only a short time until it will be time to celebrate your first birthday.
    Mama Ray

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