all has come clear

now i know what all of the preparation was for and why pr and mr were here and that is because i am now one and they threw a big party. the house was filled with fans and they ate and drank and sat around and watched me and my friends play with my new loot, and oh boy, the loot. i had no idea./ i think it should be my birthday again next week so i can get more stuff.

i got a wagon and a plastic cart thing and some clothes which are not really presents but whatever and a bunch of other stuff. the best thing was this workbench only instead of tools it has plastic balls that you put into cabinets and stuff and it plays music and there are bent nails that make sounds when you hit them.

when i grow up i am totally going to be a carpenter.

19 thoughts on “all has come clear

  1. Happy Birthday!

    Carpenters are cool. They can make really cool things, and they get to sit in the basement and make loud noises and a mess all day.

  2. Happy Birthday Eli! I can’t believe that you’re already one. You’re growing up so fast! I’m glad that you had a great birthday and I’m sorry Sean and I weren’t there, too.

    I know you’ll make a great carpenter one day. 🙂

  3. You should ask mj about a very rich yet slightly annoying carpenter named Ty Pennington. He gets to work on stuff on TV.


  4. If you’re going to be asking about carpenters, you should ask about the world’s most famous one.

    Papa Ray

  5. A belated happy birthday to you. I friended you because you like milk and sleeping–I think you have good taste. That, and your Bounce TM has totally worked for me. I lost ten pounds!

  6. hi i am glad you are here./ i am glad to know that the bounce is working, i may have to start getting testimonials together for it.

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