atlanta comes in a can

we are going to atlanta because i have willed a road trip and so it has come to pass. we are going to see fans and have a good time. atlanta is cool because that is where peaches come from, i mean, i know peaches come in a can, they were put there by a man but that man works in a factory downtown in atlanta.

if you are nice i will bring you back a peach, if you are nice and live near me that is.

10 thoughts on “atlanta comes in a can

  1. I am glad to see that, young as you are, you know the truth about peaches. If you were a little older I’d send you to some parties, but they’re probably not your thing yet.

  2. If by any chance, you get lost near Peachtree Street looking for Peachtree Hills Road or the Peachtree, just go to the Peachtree Battle.

  3. i have not and that is because mamamama and dadadada are mean. they will be drinking some and i will be all ‘let me have some’ and they are all ‘no this is not for eli.’

  4. i saw all of those peachtree things on saturday when we went into atlanta and i do not know how people get around there, even dadadada had to have someone tell him how to go.

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