Monthly Archives: June 2005

busy because i am going back to arkansas

i have not been writing much but that is okay, it’s not like much exciting has happened. i did fall off the bed twice last week and land on my stomach whoosh, but it was more scary than painful. and i learned how to say apple. i did get to ride on airplanes, that was […]

giving and goodwill

so it turns out the clothes are coming out because i cannot wear them any more, my milk gut is too big or something. this is what happens when i do not keep up my exercises. perhaps if i am very diligent at the bounceTM over the next few weeks i can once again fit […]


i think mamamama and dadadada are sending me away somewhere, they are pulling out a lot of my clothes and piling them up.

limit as number of fans approach zero

geof came over yesterday, that was good, he is a big fan so i got to play with him some and he watched me play and it was all good. but this week is overall very low on fans. i hope it gets better later.