Monthly Archives: April 2006

The Seemingly Arbitrary List of Things in Our House that Belong to May, According to Eli

1. The chair at the dining room table that she sits in when she’s here
2. Every mug we own, because she may have once drunk her tea from it
3. The black rocking chair in the living room (it actually did come from her house so this one I get)
4. All his books that have her […]

Supa Secret P-fotos

We don’t yet have a link up for gallery on our page but I have already posted some pictures into it. So if you wanna sneek peek here it is:


Big Head Dog and the Monsters

Time to take a break from my science ranting and bring you another example of how children’s toys scare me. Today’s exhibit: Big Head Dog.

Big Head Dog fits snugly in the palm of your hand. His oversized head will nuzzle you lovingly as you stroke between his tiny nub ears, marvelling at how large […]

Summer is upon Us

Eli & Jake.

Sharing a popsicle moment.

Flower inspectors on the job.

Yeah, I think summer is here.

Science Unfair

“Creator or Not?Divinity vs Man — YOU DECIDE,” the science fair project said. I stared at it, glad that the student wasn’t there to bear the brunt of my anger and sadness.

Let me back up. Last week I was a judge for the state science and engineering fair. Well, I should caveat that: I wasn’t […]


I have a confession to make. My name is Misty and I am a cross-stitch-a-holic.

When I was a teen my mom cross-stitched cute little pictures of grapes and pears for the kitchen. She progressed on to dilapidated, country gas pumps and old cars. I liked the hobby but lacked the interest in farm equipment. […]

Looking forward to the day…

When Eli can say, “Mom, I’m gonna hurl!” more than two seconds before he actually does, you know, hurl.

He Gets It From Misty, Honest

When he was very young, we loved to hear Eli talk. “He said ‘dada’! Say it again!”

Yeah, we had no idea. He is a never-ending fountain of words. He has baby Tourette’s, only instead of cursing, he says, “laba laba laba laba laba.” The words begin at six A.M. Six. A. M. He wakes up […]

At Least He Didn’t Take It For a Joy-Ride

I got the call as I was pulling out of the parking lot. “Eli’s locked himself in the car!” A saga of laughter, tears, and sirens.

You are the Branches

Two people I am very close to are going through seasons of pruning in their spiritual life right now. One is very open and honest about her season and she and I talked about it at length this week.

I have been through pruning seasons before but unlike my friend, I was not aware enough […]