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Three Vaguely Related Things

We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about how old Eli is. I say “we,” but what I mean is “Eli.” “How old are you?” someone will coo to Eli, who will look blank before going back to saying “wiggle, wiggle, JUMP!” and doing the Monster Pants Dance. And oh, the dancing that occurs.

Now […]

First Thing I Heard this Morning

“Mumsie, Mumsie, Mumsie…mumble, mumble, MUMSIE!”

Gotta love it when grandma comes to visit.

Clear & Close

The correct use of binocluars…

On the Couch

We are continuing our practice of sending Eli to the couch in his room as punishment. We leave him in there for a few minutes before going in, explaining again why he was sent to his couch, and setting him free. We ask him if he knows why he’s on his couch, and a lot […]


To discuss the philosophical ramifications of why Humpty Dumpty couldn’t be put back together again over Chex at seven a.m. on a Saturday Morning.

New Masthead!

It’s true, we’ve changed the pictures of Eli at the top of the blog. Refresh to see the amazing coloring boy, popsicle tongue, and more.

Too Clever By Half

Eli’s crib is in one corner of his room, with the foot of the crib facing the corner. On the wall next to the foot of the crib is his bookcase; together the crib and bookcase form an L. This morning when I went in, he had one hand stuck through the crib slats grabbing a book from the shelf. Since the book wouldn’t fit through the slats, he passed the book to his other hand, which he’d draped over the side of the crib. He then lifted the book into his bed for reading, joining the ten or so books he’d worked through in the previous thirty minutes. “Hi, Daddy,” he said before going back to reading….

Afterwards He Went and Watched Veronica Mars

Tonight Eli and I were playing in his room. We were lying on his couch, pulling his blankets over our heads. His blankets have rockets and planets and stars and aliens on them, and they glowed softly as the overhead light filtered through them….

Dear Mark Craig, License Director

Some of you may have heard part of this story before. To some, the details will be new but the overall theme will be one that everyone knows quite well. The local government in my town is crappy. Ok, I’ll say it, it pretty much sucks.

I wrecked our Camry on November 7, 2005. I know […]

Things Eli Said To Me Tonight

I need more risotto.
Go play piano and peeps in my room! Come on, daddy!
No. I hold peep.
I need watch Eli and Daddy!
No. I hold germ.
I play a Gruffalo. No, I play Elmo. I needa play Big Bird. Okay, Big Bird.
No, I hold coins. I hold coins! I HOLD COINS! …please.
This is a shark. It swims […]