Friday Night Videos: Blocky Animation

Dire Straits: Money For Nothing (1985)

This video is a giant pile of 1980s video effects, from the rotoscoped glowing colors to the Take On Me-like scribblings. But it’s the computer animation that made it so cutting-edge: blocky characters, a blocky dog, and blocky appliances cavorting about a blocky world. To be fair, Pixar’s stuff was just then getting started. This was the first video played on MTV in Britain, making it the overseas equivalent to Video Killed the Radio Star.

The White Stripes: Fell In Love With a Girl (2001)

Michael Gondry takes a break from working with Björk to direct this Lego-tastic video. Evidently he also hired the artists behind Sierra On-Line’s King’s Quest games to help with art direction.

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