Moms Love Their Own Kid’s Poop the Most

Perhaps I’m overstating it a bit, but it apparently is true that moms think their kid’s poop smells better than that of other kids. Are the moms used to their own child’s particular formulation of poop, or are they somehow smelling something that, deep in their brain, says, “I am related to the child who created this poop”? The authors aren’t sure. The full article, “My baby doesn’t smell as bad as yours: The plasticity of disgust,” is coming out in the Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior.

Perhaps the researchers would be interested in my theories of how cuteness evolved. Trevor? Betty? I’m waiting for a call.

2 thoughts on “Moms Love Their Own Kid’s Poop the Most

  1. The corrolary to this is the theory that most guys hate other guys’ farts, but are generally at least somewhat proud of their own.

    Remind me some time to tell you how Derek Webb, his road manager, my friend Bryan, and I all once tested this theory in a hotel room in Columbia, South Carolina at about two in the morning. [Or not.]

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