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Queen Mommy Learns Something New

I don’t gush here much about motherhood because usually Stephen says all the things I would say but in much finer words and people think it’s sweet to hear these things from a dad. Also, I can hear the giant inhalation of breath from the internet at large and then the disgustedly voiced, “Mommy Blogger!”

However, […]

The Emphatic No

These days Eli is all about saying, “No!” I got ready to go to work this morning and, as usual, told Eli, “I’m off to work! Come give me a hug and a kiss!”

“No!” he shouted, and ran off laughing.

I know, I know. This is normal; he’s being independent; this is a phase that will pass. But I am still seized with unreasoning anger….

FoneItIn, The Premier Web 3.0 To-Do List

Web 2.0 is posited as a leap forward in how we waste time online. Applications like Flickr and Basecamp and Google Maps have introduced PC-application-like interfaces to the web. They’ve also taken a rapid-prototyping approach, with software being made widely available while still in a near-beta state.

While the three examples above are standard-bearers for Web […]

Random Phrases

Toddler’s brains are like tape recorders hooked up to a Markov chain process to produce realistic-sounding sentences. Eli will say phrases that he must have picked up somewhere and stored in his immense toddler brain, waiting for the right moment to unleash them on his unsuspecting parents.

This weekend we visited my grandmother. At one point, […]

Friday Night Videos: Why Can’t I Dance Like Christopher Walken?

Liz Phair: Why Can’t I (2003)

Fine, fine, the quality of Liz Phair’s work has declined since Exile In Guyville. Sure, Liz Phair is the goateed mirror opposite of Exile In Guyville, all slick production value and shallow pop writing. But this video’s concept is great: the song is playing on a jukebox, with the band […]

They’re here!

MAYANDPOP are here!


Tonight I finished three projects that I’ve been working on steadily since Friday (between one and four hours every day). It was a great deal of handwork that was a lot of fun to do that amazingly enough isn’t cross-stitch. They are all three gifts that I’m giving this weekend so I can’t wait […]

Where’s Rick?

Over the weekend, a bunch of friends came over for dinner, to hang out, and to keep Eli and me company while Stephen was in Atlanta.

While at the dinner table Eli turned to me and said, “Where’s Rick?”

We had been watching Sesame Street earlier in the day so I responded with, “He’s hiding […]

Breastfeeding and Breast Milk Can Reduce Baby’s Pain

Breast milk is said to have many benefits. Chalk up another for breast milk: breastfeeding can potentially reduce a baby’s pain during simple medical procedures. A group of researchers from Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, led by Dr. Prakeshkumar Shah, did a literature review of eleven studies

Tiny Tyrant

Eli is at the point in his life where he may change his mind about what he wants on a minute-by-minute basis, but he absolutely positively knows what he wants right now. It’s like continually running into a wall that moves at random. He’s also very specific about what he wants, even as he has trouble articulating his desires all at once….