Friday Night Videos: Weird Al Yankovic

Ben Folds: Rockin’ the Suburbs (2001)

For his first solo effort post-Ben-Folds-Five, Ben Folds decided to play every instrument. It thus makes sense that, in the video, he indeed plays every instrument. Mix in suburbia and a healthy dose of awkward dancing and you have…well, this video. What’s the link to Weird Al? He directed it, and has a cameo appearance.

Weird Al Yankovic: The Saga Begins (1999)

Weird Al summarizes The Phantom Menace in five minutes and sets it to Don McLean’s “American Pie”. I get the feeling that his entire career led to this one song.

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Weird Al Yankovic

  1. Oh my! I’ve never seen that Ben Folds one. I’ve got that CD and love the whole thing. Now I really love the video and wished I had seen that sooner! 🙂

  2. Just got around to watching them. The Ben Folds video reminds me a bit of Weird Al, with a bit of Peter Gabriel thrown in. It appears that Al taught Ben how to sing backwards, A La Amish Paradise. Also, I really like that Weird Al video. I haven’t seen a new video by him in ages. (Don’t watch any of the “music” channels) Thanks again for sharing!

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