Misty’s Version of Dragon*Con 2006

I had a particularly great time this year at Dragon*Con. I attribute that to actually knowing more people and being friends with a larger circle than ever before. Sometime over the weekend I realized that Con is really just an event that I happen to attend to visit with some friends that I don’t otherwise see very often. It’s what we do for our internet friends, so I can live with Dragon*Con in that context. I was previously having trouble viewing myself as a sci-fi con goer so it’s good after three years to have resolved that issue.

First, here’s a photo of Joyce in her White Witch costume. She entered the technical costume contest on Friday night. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t give her a prize, but I think she rocked! Also, her crown lit up!

Here’s a picture of the crowd on Saturday night. Saturday is always the most heavily attended day. You can believe it from this photo. Both Saturday and Sunday nights, I stood at the balcony with various friends and pointed out costumes and discussed what we liked and what we didn’t. This is a great con for people watching.

Speaking of costumes, Here’s some blue men with Patrick. They were great blue men and were in character every time I saw them. I love this photo and it may be my favorite that I took all weekend.

Here’s star-struck patrick after his encounter with the three men in blue.

Here’s a photo of a row of people in Jayne hats at the Serenity panel. The girl in the lower right corner was knitting a hat while she waited for the panel to start. I saw her sell two before it started. I was sitting at the sound board while Brian was on the mike bringing the crowd into the room and I had him tell them to look at me so I could take their picture. Isn’t power great?

The next few photos are of Joyce and me having our henna work done. I’ve posted about wanting to do this before but for various reasons have missed the boat. Joyce and I wanted very much to do it at the same time so we could ooh and aah over each other’s designs. And also, have a “girl-bondy” moment as she called it. I love my bracelets and am now probably spoiled for other henna artists as I loved Elizebeth and her work so much. Unfortunately, she lives in Savannah so I’m not sure how I’ll get my henna fix again.

Elizebeth working on Joyce’s hand.

Girl-bondy moment achieved!

Joyce’s beautiful fertility lotuses. I liked them so well, Elizebeth very kindly added one on the back of my hands just at the point of the big flower.

I had a great vacation and Eli had a great vacation with May and Pop. (They went to the park everyday, that’s how you know it was a vacation for Eli because I’d never drive 20 minutes one-way everyday to go to the park.)

4 thoughts on “Misty’s Version of Dragon*Con 2006

  1. Thank you for girl-bonding with me! And thanks for the nice compliments on my costume; I was severely outclassed, though. 😀

  2. Oh, I miss girl-bonding! I’m so glad you guys had a great time at Con this year. Both Sean and I missed you guys so much this year! I didn’t realize how much I would miss it until I couldn’t go one year and now I realize how much I’m like you and I just love getting to spend time with friends that I never get to see except for there. There’s always next year!

  3. I came here from Joyce’s LJ, love the pictures .. some day SOME day i will make it to Dragon*Con…

    in the meantime, i LOVE your blog’s name!

    Joyce’s Friend,
    i bet i could crochet a Jayne hat! *muahahah*

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