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Friday Night Videos: Ink Blot

Gnarls Barkley: Crazy (2006)

This video is one of the tightest I’ve seen in a long time. It’s visually striking, with an endless parade of Rorschach inkblots in which the faces of Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse appear. It’s thematically apropriate, what with the use of inkblots as a psychological test and the song’s subject matter. It’s […]

Child of the Cold War

The following post has minor spoilers for the TV show Jericho. You have been warned.

Last night, Misty, Lana Bob! and I watched the pilot episode of Jericho, a new CBS show. Jericho is a small town somewhere in Kansas. Various characters are introduced, enough interpersonal conflicts are laid out to generate a season or two […]

Car Seats and Vomit Don’t Mix, Trust Me on This

WARNING: This post contains graphic descriptions of vomit and the resulting cleanup. Please don’t read any further if you are eating your lunch or if you have a queazy stomach. Just know that we got off to a very bad start this morning…

Also note that Eli had dubbed my long-time friend Alana, Lana Bob! She […]

The Temper Tantrum Switch

Eli is now fully two. He’s as two as you can be and not yet be three or more. One of the ways he exhibits this is in his temper tantrums.

Mind you, his temper tantrums are comparitively small and often cute. But there are times when we are tired or otherwise run down and they […]

Eli’s Musical Competition

I’ll post something more substantive soon, but in the meantime, I have now seen Eli’s competition in the form of a four-year-old boy:

Why I Haven’t Posted Much Lately

Last week’s schedule was as follows.

Sunday: Church; standing game of Truth & Justice.
Monday: Travel with Geof to see Sufjan Stevens at the Ryman.
Tuesday: Tuesday Night Movie Club with the locals (watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
Wednesday: Choir practice.
Thursday: free, as you might have guessed.
Friday: Dinner with the locals, then seeing the new band Jeremy […]

Joy’s Very Early Birthday Present

I saw these very cool little notebooks in Hobby Lobby a month or so ago and was just itching to get one and cover it with my usual junkola. But I really didn’t have a use for them, so I stratigically waited until I had a 40% off coupon to buy the stuff. I’ve had […]

Bow Before My New iMac

The beauty of the white box.

Out of the box.

The switchover.

The new improved desk.

Thanks to Stephen for paying for my new computer with his article writing money. Lurv from me!

Geof, aren’t you jealous?

Size of the Internet in the US

No one knows how many people seriously use the Internet, right? Pshaw. I can give you bounds on that number in the US, easily.

Serenity‘s US gross: $25,335,935
Average US ticket price for 2005: $6.41
Number of people seeing Serenity: 3,950,000

Snakes on a Plane‘s US gross: $31,561,108
Average US ticket price for 2006 (estimated): $6.60
Number of people seeing Snakes […]

Friday Night Videos: Al

Paul Simon: You Can Call Me Al (1996)

Remember when Chevy Chase was funny? Me, neither. But this video provides documentary evidence to back up the claim. A lot of the humor comes from seeing wee little Paul Simon next to the shaggy tower that is Chevy Chase.

Weird Al: Don’t Download This Song (2006)

Yes, I already […]