Sorry. Not Dead, Just Tired.

I wrote an entry last week. It was complainy and boring, so just now I deleted it.

I’d like to say that after my first trimester, this pregnancy has magically gotten easier. It hasn’t. I’m still throwing up regularly. The bright spot is that the constant accompanying nausea and/or indigestion seems to have taken a vacation. Hallelujah for small favors.

Today I’ve started a cold.

So, my internet friends, I am not ignoring you. I’m quite sure that I have something to say. But I’m tired, so I’m going to take a nap and maybe this afternoon I’ll be able to recall all the amusing stories that are worth telling here. Meanwhile, here are the Eli headlines…

He’s done better in school this week.

He’s back to taking regular naps.

He seems to have made it through this last cold withOUT an ear infection.

He’s learning how to pronounce “hieroglyphics” and “sphinx.” It’s charming the way he attempts to wrap his mouth around those two words.

3 thoughts on “Sorry. Not Dead, Just Tired.

  1. I’ve been going back and reading my whines and grumbles about pregnancy recently, and I start remembering. I remember reading that there’s a specific hormone that is released after the baby is born that works sort of as a mind-eraser, because if women could clearly recall pregnancy and labor, they would never have another child again. And while I laughed at that, I realize, now, reading my journal, that it’s not as sharp or clear a memory as I expected. If it wasn’t for the journals, I don’t think I would even remember half the details.

    You will hopefully start feeling better soon, and your energy level will come back. I look at pictures of Eli and hear stories about them, and I keep thinking, Now – that’s incentive to have another kid. They grow up to be such adorable and smart little people.

  2. There is definitely forgetfulness involved. If it’s not a hormone then it’s the sleep deprivation of a new baby but you do forget quickly how bad it was.

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