Monthly Archives: November 2006

Smickle: The New All-Purpose Word

Eli has this toy that is sort of a little dude looking thing (it has feet and eyes) but it’s made out of all kinds of colored rubber pieces that jiggle when you shake it. It’s ugly as all get out and something that my mom bought for him at the dollar store. So Eli, […]

IF Competition Ends

The yearly interactive fiction competition I help run ended last night. Congratulations to Emily Short, whose game Floatpoint took top honors, and to all of the authors! If you’re looking for some short entertainment, head on over — you can finish each game in two hours or less, plus you now can see which games […]

A.M. Reprise

You can tell by this photo that it’s morning time because of the OJ in the front row. (No, I didn’t let Eli stay up all night playing with his marbles.) His first words this morning upon exiting his room and espying the marble tower were, “Oh, my TOY!” in his gleeful little boy voice.

Dear TV Shows, Please Shut Up About Science

I can tell I’m tired and depressed, because I’m not able to ignore TV’s stupid statements about scientific topics right now. Tonight’s offender is Bones.

Booth: …God does not make mistakes.

Angela: I dunno. Putting testicles on the outside didn’t seem like such a good idea.

It’s not up there with “we only use ten percent of our […]

Best Toy Ever

Some friends from church cleaned out their son’s room recently. Eli inherited a bunch of cool stuff. Tonight we put a toy together to see what he would do.

Verdict: Best Toy Ever!

Sorry. Not Dead, Just Tired.

I wrote an entry last week. It was complainy and boring, so just now I deleted it.

I’d like to say that after my first trimester, this pregnancy has magically gotten easier. It hasn’t. I’m still throwing up regularly. The bright spot is that the constant accompanying nausea and/or indigestion seems to have taken a […]

Friday Night Videos: Colors

Gnarls Barkley: Gone Daddy Gone (2006)

I know I posted a Gnarls Barkley video before, but I couldn’t pass this one up. This is a Violent Femmes cover, and Gnarls Barkley sadly doesn’t do much different with the song, but the video casts Cee-Lo et. al. as bugs being filmed through microphotography. Be sure to stick […]


Last night I had my laptop open on the kitchen table. Its screensaver was active, showing a starfield whizzing by.

“Look!” Eli said. “Stars! But where’s the moon?”

“It’s not on there,” I told him.

He reached out and pressed a key. The starfield vanished. “Eli, no!” I said. “No touching dad’s computer!” Eli scampered out of the […]

Making Bumpers for Dragon*Con TV

In my original discussion of the videos I help make for Dragon*ConTV, I mentioned that I’d discuss bumpers at a later date. Now’s the time!

Bumpers are the ten-to-fifteen-second transitions between a show and a commercial. Originally they said things like “You’re watching Generic Talk Show on NBC” or “When we return, Host will interview a […]

Mumsy Sticker Fest 2006

My mom sent Eli an envelope yesterday in the mail. The envelope itself would have been enough of a toy for him but NO! she had to go and put about 50 stickers in it. Eli was ecstatic. Our house looks like a bad election party happened here last night. Stickers everywhere.