How Do You Save Memories from Your Travels?

We have two trips planned after the first of the year. One to Phoenix to see some friends that used to live here. The other one to Boston to visit friends that we normally vacation with in the summer but because of Baby TBA won’t be able to see this next summer. I’m excited about both trips because I’ve not ever been to AZ and the time I’ve spent in Boston mostly consisted of the airport, the hotel, and the main office of the company I used to work for.

I haven’t gotten to travel a lot in my life. In fact the bulk of my travel has happened since I’ve been married to Stephen. (He is cosmopolitan in that way.) But when we do go places I always like to pick up a souvenir. When I was younger, I always got a t-shirt, even if I didn’t go on the trip. This accounts for the rather large number of Hard-Rock Café shirts I owned at one time.

These days my souvenirs typically take two forms. One is jewelry. I like to pick up stuff that is “native” if possible or at the very least, made by a local artist. If that’s not an option, I like to pick up something that I know I’ll wear a lot and when I do, remember the time I spent at Spot X.

My very favorite necklace came to me this way. The silver one with the colored beads that I wear all the time? I got that on Ocracoke Island when we went to the Outer Banks with Stephen’s parents. That was a fun trip. Stephen got to fly his kite A LOT. It was very cold but we got to ride the ferry to Ocracoke. (Ferry rides are another must have, if available option, for my travels.) And the fog was beautiful. We played a lot of games and in general had a great vacation. I think of those things or something from that trip, nearly every time I put it on.

The other thing I like to pick up on my travels is a squished penny. I don’t have many just because I only get one when I happen to be someplace and there is a machine handy. (I don’t seek them out. Although I just found a website that reports locations so that may change.) This is a nice souvenir option because they are so small. I even had them hot glued to my computer for a while so I could see them all the time.

Eli found my collection this morning and I decided that you, my friends, needed something to marvel at this cold morning. So here is my souvenir squished penny collection:

The Las Vegas coins that started it all.

Ocracoke Island (yes, that’s the same trip I got the necklace on) and Chicago, IL (Just this summer. Sam and Eli had a blast sleeping at the aquarium!)

Nashville and Little Rock. Easy ones to get, I know but the Little Rock Zoo one is the first zoo Eli’s ever been to.

You can visit the Squished Penny Museum Site to learn more about this hobby. By the way, it is legal. And then tell me how you celebrate your travels. I’m excited to hear so I have other things to collect!

15 thoughts on “How Do You Save Memories from Your Travels?

  1. I’m really psyched about your visit, as is the Boston Board of Tourism, because your February visit will increase our tourism revenue for that month by 100%.

    Boston has a newly-thriving crafts scene, so there will plenty of places we can go to check out local jewelry. After that we can braid our hair and talk about boys.

  2. We’re excited about our visit to Boston as well. Can’t wait o see your house and catch up with you guys.

    That hair and boy thing? Can’t wait for that either.

  3. I also try to get jewelry from wherever I go. I’m a sucker for things sparkly.

    Also, being a news geek, I get a newspaper from each place. My boyfriend and I both work in television news, and he tapes the local news broadcasts everywhere he goes.

    I also like to get something for my house from each place that is unique. For example, I went to the beach in North Carolina this year and got a coconut shell candle and a coconut that had been carved as a pirate head complete with hoop earring, bandanna and seashell eye. Definitely unique.

  4. At one time I bought stuff for the house and those things that I have, I love. But I hate to dust so I had to move to a plan that didn’t include anymore dusting.

    Newspapers are a great idea.

  5. I’m lame and don’t really do that. I save them in my head, and then the file allocation table gets corrupted.

    No, wait … I post on my blog. That’s how I do it. 😉

  6. I like getting jewelry on my trips too. Also, postcards. I love post cards. I have a hard rock shirt collection too. So a little bit of all of that! I’ve only got one squished penny though from a trip to Gatlinburg when I was a kid. I got one from the Ripley’s Believe it or Not there.

  7. I usually buy a Christmas ornament for my mother. This year, I actually got one for myself the first time. I might just continue this…

  8. I do like postcards too. I guess I get them sometimes as well. Ornaments are good for gifting to others. We have so many ornaments now we could decorate 3 trees.

  9. I always buy a postcard on my travels, write in it, stamp it, and then SEND IT TO MYSELF. This way, I get a stamp, a postmark, and best of all, the prettiest postcard I find is mine!

    I like to save newspapers, too, but right now I have a pile of newspapers that really need to be stored or something, so I will stop collecting papers, I think.

    We’ve started the squished penny thing recently, and we may just keep up with it. It’s easy.

    Most of our memories are tied into photos (or a single photo, as some trips have been).

  10. As you may have noticed, I take *lots* of pictures. 🙂 I used to scrapbook them into those magnetic photo albums w/ the sticky pages, but it was so time consuming, and now with digital photos being so much cheaper than printing…it’s all web-based now. 🙂 I’ve also taken to blogging as I go–I do my best travel writing if I don’t have to save it all up to remember when I get back.

    I’ve also started doing the jewelry thing–earrings or a necklace or something, if I’m in a place known for something in particular.

    Lessee…xmas ornaments, definitely, although I often will buy some random tchotchke and turn it into an ornament, rather than getting something intentionally sold as one.

    I used to get t-shirts, but I just don’t wear them very often, and the stack was getting silly. Ditto on postcards–I have this *immense* postcard collection and no place to tack them up.

  11. I am a picture maniac. That’s how I remember my trips. If I really love something, I take a picture of it. Although this summer I did buy some jewelry in Hawaii… Maybe I can start that as another way of remembering. 🙂

    We are really looking forward to you guys coming out! If you want to pick up native jewelry out here, that won’t be a problem. 🙂

  12. Pictures are pretty much a given. We all need those to jog our memories. And now that I have a website to post them on and look at here, I don’t have to mess with putting all those albums together. Bonus!

  13. For us, it’s mostly Christmas ornaments. We usually find something that screams the place’s name and latch onto it. That’s one reason you have so many ornaments! For us, it’s no one thing, really, though; we’re too eclectic. That’s why all our stuff has a story, and why I resist severing connections with so many things.


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