File Under: I am SO pregnant

Night before last, Stephen and I were reading in bed when I suddenly had an overwhelming craving for a donut. Now this is rare for me. I like donuts ok but while pregnant I don’t do too well with overly sugary foods. Then in the night I had a donut dream. I’m pretty sure that Homer Simpson was involved. I told Stephen about my dream yesterday morning and he laughed at me.

Yesterday afternoon I couldn’t stand it. I called Stephen at work and asked him please, please, please to stop and get me a donut and a bag of frozen mixed berries that my sister-in-law totally has me hooked on. Last night after dinner, I had a beautiful chocolate covered donut for desert.

Homer would be so proud.

4 thoughts on “File Under: I am SO pregnant

  1. I’ll bet the dream involved Homer vaulting the counter and eating his way through the Donut Hole II pastries–particularly the chocolate-glazed double-chocolate ones!


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