Monthly Archives: December 2006

Goodbye to You

Say goodbye to an era. Geof is buying my old imac. I’m so glad it’s going to a good home where someone will love it like I did.

Little Kids Love’em, Big Kids Too

Kat and Sean sent Eli Mag-Neatos for Christmas. He loves them!

I guess there’s just no age limit on Mag-neatos brand of fun.

Soy Considered Harmful

I was frightened last night to learn that soy saps our precious bodily fluids and turns our manly boys into limp-wristed pantywaist homosexuals. There’s been some editing to the article since I saw it last night: originally the title was “A devil food is turning our kids into homosexuals.”

It’s since been changed to “Soy is […]

Cataloging Our Stuff

Here’s the deal. Like good consumers, we have a lot of CDs, DVDs, and books. Especially books. We have books on the bookshelf in Baby TBA’s room. We have them under the bed in Baby TBA’s room. We have them in closets. Under end tables. If you open the pantry? Books spill out, a tide […]

File Under: I am SO pregnant

Night before last, Stephen and I were reading in bed when I suddenly had an overwhelming craving for a donut. Now this is rare for me. I like donuts ok but while pregnant I don’t do too well with overly sugary foods. Then in the night I had a donut dream. I’m pretty sure that […]

Three Cool Things

1. This morning as I was checking my email, Eli climbed up into my lap and demanded to watch videos. He meant the videos that Stephen posted this past Friday. We always watch them at some point and he deemed this morning would be video morning. So we watched both of the “Such Great Heights” […]

How Do You Save Memories from Your Travels?

We have two trips planned after the first of the year. One to Phoenix to see some friends that used to live here. The other one to Boston to visit friends that we normally vacation with in the summer but because of Baby TBA won’t be able to see this next summer. I’m excited about […]

The Mall

It sucks my will to live.

Do not attempt to go there.

Order presents online.

You have been warned.

Friday Night Saturday Morning Videos: Come Down Now They’ll Say

The Postal Service: Such Great Heights (2003)

You may be familiar with the Iron and Wine cover of this song that ended up on TV with M&Ms gracefully pirouetting about. What I love most about this video are the plaintive looks between the two workers in the Skyworks Solutions wafer fabrication plant.

Ben Folds: Such Great Heights […]

Birthday Frogs

I just made two birthday cards and when I finished I realized that I had put frogs on both of them. Some days are just like that, I guess.

If you see one of these cards in the next week or so, you’ll know I was thinking of you.