Monthly Archives: January 2007

Remarks Made at the Ouachita Baptist University Faculty Meeting on January 15, 2007

I’ve known Dr. Johnny Wink for a long time. He’s a professor of English at Ouachita Baptist University, where my dad teaches and where Misty and I went to school. He’s one of those who uses language in such a way that, when I’m done reading what he wrote, my thoughts are rearranged for the […]

Friday Night Videos: Robotic

Björk: All Is Full of Love (1999)

Curious how many music videos use images of technology to capture human emotions. Some, like the Such Great Heights video, do it by having humans wandering around inside the technology. Björk takes a different approach, appearing as a robot being operated on. When I think of Björk’s music videos […]

Better Dressed

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but engineers and scientists are not the best-dressed people around. It’s a different kind of badly-dressed than coders, whose ground state is a ratty t-shirt and jeans. Engineers and scientists often go in one of two directions: the corporate or the academic. The corporate involves a lot of solid-color polo shirts, occasionally sweaters, and khaki slacks. Stains and […]

Pete and Repeat

Of late, Eli has taken to repeating “Mom? Mom? Moooooom?” over and over again. The typical conversation goes something like this:

ELI: Mom?
ELI: Mom?
ELI: Mom?
ELI: Mom?

Last night, Misty had had enough. Partway through the “Mom?” cycle, she said, “Eli, unless you have a question or something to tell me, […]

Premonitions of Mail

My aunt said over Christmas that she would send Eli a copy of “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” in the mail since she has multiple copies and Eli, for whatever reason, has managed to not collect that book. This afternoon a large envelope came for Eli in the mail. I told him he’d received a package. […]

Cross-Stitch Multiple Personality Disorder

So as you know from here and here, I’ve been working on a rather large cross stitch project. I predicted here that in six months I’d move on to a smaller project. It’s been four and here I am movin’ on. I decided that I wanted to do something for the baby’s room, not because […]

Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 6

So today as part of the great after-Christmas cleanup, I pulled out the box of books that I knew was lurking in the guest room closet. Our guest room holds over 500 books. (No, you don’t have to sleep on books when you visit, I promise.) I honestly don’t know where they are going to […]

Consumer Reports Has Infant Car Seat Recommendations

If you’re using an infant car seat or are in the market for one, Consumer Reports has some important information for you.

Cars and car seats can’t be sold unless they can withstand a 30-mph frontal crash. But most cars are also tested in a 35-mph frontal crash and in a 38-mph side crash. Car seats […]

Friday Night Videos: Cowboy

Madonna: Don’t Tell Me (2000)

The video is nicely matched to the feel of the song and has a strong and consistent style. When the Music album came out, a number of people returned it because this song’s stutters convinced them the CD was defective.
The video’s stutters at the beginning are even more eerie on YouTube, […]

The Tent

It takes up all the floor space in Eli’s room but this morning we solved part of that problem by putting approximately 900 toys inside the tent.

As requested, the sleeping bag inside the tent as well. Then we also needed the space blanket, inside the sleeping bag, inside the tent. Notice in the lower left […]