It’s a…



The doctor thinks.

She said she didn’t think there was “anything else hiding down there.”

I guess we’ll know for sure sometime in May.

6 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. [I really shouldn’t post this. I really shouldn’t post this. I really shouldn’t post this.]

    Well, my mom’s OB/GYN was convinced that I was going to be a girl. My brother? Was very pissed that I was a brother and not a sister. Insisted that Mom had to have had twins.

    [Here come the Gilmore Girls jokes!]

  2. As Homer Simpson would say, “As long as it has 8 fingers and 8 toes, I’ll be happy.” (Paraphrased, I’m sure)

  3. Pop and I are happy to think it may be a girl and we are happy to think it may be a boy. I didn’t know what gender my two were until birth so I guess we will wait until May and be thrilled that we have another grandchild. However,I will knit another blanket this time in colors fitting for a granddaughter just in case.

  4. Geof, you made your own GG jokes. I don’t even have to touch it!

    Limax, yeah, that’s pretty much how we feel.

    May, woot another baby blanket!

  5. The phrase “anything else hiding down there” immediately led to all kinds of speculation as to what *could* be “hiding down there.”

    Which I’m sure you probably don’t want to read. But I got a giggle. 😉

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