Cataloging the Granade Library: Part 8 (Movies & Games)

Woot! I’m on a roll today! I decided to do the movies and games while Eli napped today as well.

  • 78 total movies scanned.
  • 14 total Play Station 2 games scanned. All Stephen’s. Although I’ve been known to Guitar Hero occasionally.
  • I’m not breaking the movies up into who owns what because we pretty much own jointly and like them all.
  • Discards: 8. 4 VHSs that we have bought DVD replacements for and not removed the VHS copies out of the cabinet. 1 VHS with severe water damage. There was mold growing INSIDE the plastic case on the tape itself. And 2 instructional videos for random junk.
  • Discard Total: 57.

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  1. I am very low key with the rocking out. It is very hard to catch me as I usually have to have a couple of drinks and in my current condition, not possible.

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