The Yellow Room

On Saturday Stephen,
Rick (and Jessica, not pictured),
Hallie and Remy, and Jeremy came over and helped us paint the guest room that is to become the baby’s room.

Its weeks as a guest room are numbered but we have a few more folks coming to stay before we move the bed into Eli’s room.

Here’s the finished product:
Still have to put the art back on the wall.
We even moved the bed around for a different perspective. It won’t last long as a guest room but it looks really nice now.

Thanks to all you guys who came out and helped paint and then Rachel dropped by later on Saturday and helped us move things back into place. It was really great to get to do the whole thing in one day. We really appreciate all of you pitching in.

3 thoughts on “The Yellow Room

  1. Wow, it looks great! I will think I am sleeping in an entirely new house when I come next week.

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