Monthly Archives: March 2007

Friday Night Videos: Acoustic Guitars

Michael Hedges: All Along the Watchtower (1987)

I first heard Michael Hedges’ music around 1990 or so, when Taproot came out. I was instantly enthralled. He revolutionized acoustic guitar playing, and despite being on the nascent Windham Hill label, he didn’t fit neatly in the “new age” category. Misty, Scott and I had the good fortune […]

Orchid Smells Again

My orchid has bloomed again. Which makes only the third time. And once again, it smells best at night. It smells better than it looks but it still looks pretty cool…

Baby TBA update

I went to the doctor this morning and all is well. Baby’s heart rate is good and my BP is good. I had gained 2 pounds! So I guess that means the baby is growing, finally. My doctor is on maternity leave (twins!) so I saw a different doctor who was very pleasant and totally […]

“Eli Tech-Support. How Can I Help You?”

There is a new game at our house. It’s loosely based on the “Handy Manny” cartoon. Following is a sample house call.

Eli gets his play phone and proceeds to “Ring-RIng” loudly.

Either Stephen or I will answer.

“Hello!?!?” Eli shouts into the phone, “Mom? Hello!?!?!”

“Hello, Eli.” I answer.

“I need your help!” he says dramatically.

“Really? What’s going […]

Simon Cowell Reviews My Son’s Music Class Performance

I honestly don’t know where to begin. This performance was all over the place. A slow start, a jumbled middle, a slow end. At first none of you would sing, and then when you did, it was like ordering a ferocious guard dog for your home and getting delivered a poodle in a leather jacket […]

Why Do You Make Things?

One of my favorite poems is called “Why I am not a Painter” by Frank O’Hara. It’s a behind the curtain look into a friendship between Frank and painter Mike Goldberg and their respective creative processes. Since I first read this poem in high school, I have been in turns drawn to Frank’s description of […]

A Post About Toast

This morning Misty made cinnamon toast, which involves a thick paste of cinnamon sugar on top of bread. I know! We’re inventive around here.

There was one piece left, and Eli claimed it. Mind you, he was still playing with his one piece of toast, rubbing his fingers over the cinnamon and then sticking them in […]

Friday Night Videos: Dead White Guys

Boston: More Than a Feeling (1976)
Brad Delp, lead singer of Boston, died a week ago today. In his honor, I give you this video. In case you can’t tell which one is Delp, he’s the one with the giant mustache.

Blind Melon: No Rain (1993)
Say all you want about the trippy, echoey sound of the song […]

Steampunk Star Wars and Why Movie Writing Can Suck

It’s a busy time here at Live Granades, what with March Madness and work and playing Caribou with my son, so in lieu of real content I give you links to other people’s content.

First, Steampunk Star Wars. Eric Poulton, an artist for computer games, is busily re-imagining Star Wars as filtered through the lens […]

Big Day

This morning was Eli’s Spring Music Show at Mom’s Morning Out. I’ve blurred out the other kid’s (and teacher’s) faces for their privacy. Some parents are weird about their kids being on the internet. Obviously, we’re not those parents.

Eli was one of three kids who were really into the program. I know our readers are […]