Beads: Nature’s Way of Seprating the Girls from the Cursing Women

When I do cross-stitch projects with beads there is always a moment when I am looking at the pattern and I say to myself, “Do you really want to do those beads?” I ask this question not because bead work is hard, it’s actually a nice change of pace to the actual cross-stitch work, but because I always, always, always and forever manage to drop a container of beads at least once a project.

A company named Mill Hill makes all these beads. If you go to this link, the second set down is the color I’m working with. That would be the cream color that is the exact freaking match as the color of our living room rug.

Last night, well, you can guess what happened last night, y’all are a pretty bright bunch of folks.

An hour later, Rachel having learned that yes, indeed I know several different varieties of swear words, we finished scraping all the beads off of me, the rug and from between the couch cushions. (Man, you think your house is clean until you are scooping 2mm beads out of the couch and there are bread and cookie crumbs bigger than your beads.) We went back to watching the show we had started when I broke my needle threader. I made up a new swear word and quit working on cross-stitch for the night.


3 thoughts on “Beads: Nature’s Way of Seprating the Girls from the Cursing Women

  1. As I watched you bead on Saturday night, I was sitting there coming up with a smock-type thing for you to wear that would catch beads, etc. It’s something that would hook to your stand as well so you’d have 100% bead-droppage capture from start to finish, plus have its own bead-storage areas.

    Sometimes it sucks not being able to shut off my brain. :chuckle:

  2. That might work if I managed to spill the beads while I was working. I usually drop the container when I’m moving things around to snip thread or change colors, etc. I think it’s probably easier if I work on not being such a klutz.

  3. I am so there with you. I started doing bead quilting and every time I seem to work on a project, I spill the freakin’ beads that I’m using. One thing that I’ve found to help mitigate the issue at least a little bit, is that I use a bead tray so that I only have so many beads out at once. Keeps the curse words to a minimum so that I can save them up for when I’m at work in the lab. 🙂

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