Day Two of Stephen Gone to Orlando

Well the day started later so that was a step in the right direction. Eli came in at 6:15 and he was totally ready to chat about everything.

We got ready for school and as we were riding in the car, Eli announced, “We needa go see Kat and Sean!

I reminded him that they live in AZ and we had to go there by plane. Then he started reminiscing about our recent trip to visit them. The playgrounds, the exercise ball and rolling it up and down the stairs, the playgrounds. So I asked if he wanted to call Kat.

“Sure!” he shouted from the backseat.

I figured if we were lucky, we’d catch her in the car on her way to work. She answered the phone and I could tell she didn’t know what to think. I said hay and told her that someone wanted to talk to her. What followed was a conversation that I’m sure on her end was mostly incomprehensible ramblings about coming to visit them, the exercise ball, the playground, the ducks we saw there (Who knew that ducks only lived in AZ?), going to school, and my personal favorite new conversational tidbit, going past cars quickly so they won’t crash into us. Meanwhile, I can hear her laughing through pretty much the whole thing. It entertained me. And that’s mostly why I encourage him to do these kinds of things, entertainment value.

I dropped him at school without incident and came back home to do some real work. (A paying job! See how now I am procrastinating!) At a bit past noon, the school called and said he had diarrhea and could I please come get him. I zipped off to church to pick him up. The office ladies admitted that he was probably fine as he asked approximately 8,000 questions and the follow-up “Why?” about every single thing in the office, as well as tried to open the safe and rearrange the bulletin board for them.

After nap (and zero stinky diapers) we took a little trip to our branch library which is very tiny but very convenient to our house. We got several new books and played on the playground that is on the adjacent ball field. Note to self: I think we will not be picking baseball as our activity when Eli gets older as the gear and uniforms look very expensive.

After several readings of Llama Llama Red Pajama and a visit from ¡Tim!, Eli rolled into bed at 8:15. I’ll keep you posted as to wake up time tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Day Two of Stephen Gone to Orlando

  1. I can confirm that teeball is also less expensive than either dance or gymnastics (not that those were necessarily high on Eli’s list).

  2. With Eli around, people’s names have a tendency to sprout exclamation marks.

    I can definitely go for soccer and wouldn’t mind watching baseball. I am not thrilled about watching football, if that’s what he’s interested in. Besides, as soon as possible, ¡Tim! is going to get him started in martial arts.

  3. It was only partially incomprehensible. Thankfully, Sean and I were carpooling and he was driving, though, because otherwise, I would most likely driven off the road, I was giggling too hard.
    It was really cool that he remembered us and the fun he had out here. *hint hint* You guys should come and visit more often. 😉 That phone call completely made my week. Anytime something starts to go the least bit wrong, I think of Eli talking about the things out here and how much fun he had and I get this huge grin on my face. I don’t think my coworkers know what to do with me. 🙂

    Oh, and soccer. Definitely soccer.

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