Day Three of Stephen Gone to Orlando, or Thank Goodness Daddy is Coming Home Today

So today was not nearly as fun as the past two days. I don’t know if it’s because I knew that Stephen would be back today or if it was because I did manage to take a nap this afternoon that made me feel like crap and give me a headache all at the same time.

Eli went to the dentist this morning and did great. They wouldn’t let me come back with him and when they did come to get me, three hygienists said that he did great. The dentist was with him when I got back there and he was miraculously using a Dremel tool to file down the chip in Eli’s tooth. It was miraculous because Eli was actually allowing him to do it and mostly sitting still.

After that, we met one of his friends at Chick-fil-a for the boys to play in the smelly, smelly play yard since it was raining like crazy and we couldn’t go to the park. Eli refused to climb the stairs to go down the slide so play time didn’t last long.

At home we watched some TV, read and then took our naps and then unfortunately, I was the cranky one after nap. So when Dad rolled in at about 6:30, there was rejoicing and much boy wrestling on the bed.

I think the later bedtime is working, he didn’t get up until 6:30 this morning and we just put him to be at 8:15. Maybe now we’ll get a few more weeks of sleeping till seven-zero-zero before the next one comes. It’s only one month away…