Because the Day Can’t Pass without these Cute Photos of Eli

This is called an Eli Sandwich. It’s a variant of Stephen and me hugging Eli between the two of us and yelling “Eli Sandwich!” Either situation invokes many, many giggles.

Eli wondered into the office at bedtime tonight like this. Stephen and I had to prop each other up while laughing. We are so on top of the oral hygiene around here.

4 thoughts on “Because the Day Can’t Pass without these Cute Photos of Eli

  1. Both of those are officially too cute to be on the internet. How does Eli manage to always be so cute?!

  2. We have a similiar sandwich, too. He enjoys it to the point where he throws himself on to one parent, and then grabs the other parent’s hand and yanks to get the *squish*

  3. We do the same sort of sandwich with our kids as well. Travon’s a bit more open to being squashed, but we’ve gotten Halia in the mix every once in a while as well.

    I really wish Travon would take to oral hygiene like that. He always wants me to let him know when time is up. :-/

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