Monthly Archives: April 2007

Happy International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day

A while back, Howard V. Hendrix sounded off about people posting works for free online, calling people who do so “webscabs” and “Pixel-stained Technopeasant Wretch[es]”. Given that he’s the current VP of the SFWA, the organization for professional writers of science fiction and fantasy, and so many SFWA members have posted works for free online, […]

My Husband Rocks!

Last weekend, I jetted off to Nashville to hang out with the gals and Stephen hung out with Eli. Today, I had a baby shower lunch to attend and a church function immediately following. So once again, Stephen was in charge of Eli pretty much all day. (Now granted this morning wasn’t that big of […]

There Is No Substitute For Mom

I was working on a project last night around 9:30 when Eli came padding into the room. He’d been in bed for over an hour, and now here he stood, looking distraught, his arms held out in a drooping cruciform. “Daddy,” he said, and “daddy.”

Then the smell hit me.

We went into his room to clean […]

Friday Night Videos: Paper Cutouts

Eskimo Disco: Picture Perfect (2005)

Man cuts out pictures of people; people dance. I dunno, this is an interesting concept, but the execution leaves a bit to be desired. On the plus side, there’s a keytar. Keytar!

Switchfoot: Awakening (2007)

Here’s what Eskimo Disco could have done with paper cutouts — mimic Guitar Hero. The video has a […]

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Huntsville-Madison County Public Library System is holding The Big Read, in which the city reads one book. This year’s book is Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. I just returned from tonight’s event, in which Alabama historian Wayne Flint discussed the historical reality of Alabama in the 1930s. At one point he asked everyone […]

Three Cool Things #2

These are some cool things that happened today:

1. I finished all my baby thank you notes before the upcoming showers on Saturday and the one following quickly on Tuesday. It’s good to get one set all done before they start really piling up.

2. LanaBob! posted this on her site. It’s sappy but very sweet and […]

Because the Day Can’t Pass without these Cute Photos of Eli

This is called an Eli Sandwich. It’s a variant of Stephen and me hugging Eli between the two of us and yelling “Eli Sandwich!” Either situation invokes many, many giggles.

Eli wondered into the office at bedtime tonight like this. Stephen and I had to prop each other up while laughing. We are so on top […]

The Five Paragraph Essay Considered as Kudzu, a Shoebox, a Crutch, and Training Wheels

I expect the last three words of this sentence will bring back horrible memories of school for most of you: five paragraph essay. It’s one of those pedagogical tools that, thanks to its use on standardized tests, has taken root like kudzu, spreading throughout US high schools and resisting attempts to get rid of it. […]

Office Shelves

As promised, here are photos of the shelving extravaganza.


Painting process.

The first wall bracket installed.

Stephen doing the hardest part, pounding the brackets onto the wall pieces.

Placing shelves.

Left side of shelves. (My side.)

Right side of shelves. (Stephen’s side.)

Those are all the books from under the guest bed. It seemed like so many when they were under there. […]

Now Being Announced

Baby TBA’s name is to be Kathryn Elizabeth Granade. We’ll call her Liza, at least until she tells us her name is Elizabeth or Kate or Athr.