Granade’s Laws of Online Discussion

The first law: The ratio of finished projects to the number of posts and comments naturally approaches zero.

The second law: If the ratio begins at zero, it is unlikely ever to increase.

This helps explain the phenomenon where someone shows up on a forum for writers and starts talking about their fabulous novel which they never do finish.

6 thoughts on “Granade’s Laws of Online Discussion

  1. :snerk: I’m glad that I’m not the only person who develops these kinds of “laws”. It was kind of a schtick for me back on Usenet.

    Oh hey, Stephen … let me show you my manuscript …

  2. Does this mean that once you’ve posted about a project, you need to continue to post about it if you want to make any real progress on it?

  3. Actually, if you want to keep your ratio high, you should minimize your posting about a project even if you’ve already posted about it before.

  4. Speaking as he of the many unfinished projects, this is SO true. 🙂

    I’ve slowly gotten better at curbing the urge to post/talk about things before I’m done with them.

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