Baby 2.0 Changelog

Version 2.0 – 10 May 2007

  • Lowered the thresholds on warnings and alarms significantly. While this may increase the number of false alarms, this should help prevent critical errors or program crashes.
  • Added new audio alarms that sound when anything is in the output queue. Previously queue contents could accumulate with little to no notice, requiring users to perform a manual check.
  • Increased the program’s sensitivity to potential buffer overruns on input. Excess data is now regurgitated during processing. This can take up to an hour, even on new hardware.
  • Greatly improved the random number generator. The program now requests input at irregular intervals instead of the approximately three hour intervals of version 1.0.
  • In contrast, the Karp sequence is now far more deterministic. Users wishing to reset error conditions and prevent additional alarms should use the swaddle, side, and swing functions in that exact order.
  • Downgraded the swaddle function’s utility when used in isolation.
  • When the program is in sleep mode, it will continue to process buffered input. If bad input or potential buffer overruns are detected while in sleep mode, a grunt-like warning will sound. Triggering the burp function will keep the program in sleep mode without requiring the user to re-run the Karp sequence.
  • While prior versions of the program could be run concurrently with other processes at an equal priority level, version 2.0 is explicitly designed to run with other child processes. Doing so requires roughly four times the resources of either process running independently.
  • Changed the default color scheme from blue and green to pink and yellow.

6 thoughts on “Baby 2.0 Changelog

  1. How well have you tested the stack overflow on this version? Might the diaper function need some code cleanup?

  2. We here at Lazy Stork LLC thank you for your interest in Baby! We hold our code to rigorous standards while still maintaining flexibility through practices such as “agile programming”, and our code has been checked via Lint tools. One thing we are looking at implementing is better garbage collection built in to Baby 3.0, so if that is a feature you are interested in, you might be advised to wait for that release.

  3. You do realize, of course, that the current code base is subject to massive corruption at any point.

    Unfortunately, there are no backups of the available code base (unless you happen to be a sheep).

    Remember also, as your code matures some of the alarms get rather vague. Some fault tolerance would be wise 😉

    Gratz bro…haven’t really had time to talk to you but good on ya’ mate.

  4. Jody! Thanks for the warning about increasingly vague alarms. We here at Lazy Stork LLC have been focusing on our Baby line of products, with some attention paid to the recently-released Toddler line of software. It’s time we branched out.

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