Liza’s Nicknames

So because babies are so lumpish at the beginning, we tend to christen ours with a variety of nicknames to fit whatever the situation warrants. Eli had a whole bunch that I can’t remember anymore. We’ve given Liza a bunch too and here is a list of a few:

Our Little Frat Boy – Because she drinks like a fish, burps really loudly 5-6 times and passes out.
Lady Bumbo-Snuzzler – Because Dan said it would be a good English hyphenated name.
Liza Bug – This is mostly my name for her because she has about 12 onsies with bugs on them that say cute things like, “My name is Lulu and I’m a ladybug.”
The Donkey – Because she sounds like one when she’s eating.
Grub – This is a bedtime nickname because she looks like one when she is all wrapped up in her swaddle blanket.
Scrabbler – This is our description of what she does when she is very tired. It involves lots of writhing, squiggling and grunting. Also there are fists clinching and unclinching which causes scratches and red marks on the baby bearer’s neck and chest. This is her most annoying behavior.
Scrabbler Grub – As you can guess, a combo of the two listed above except because she’s swaddled she doesn’t do the fist thing, instead substitute a bit more squirming, grunting and add a bit of crying until you can get a binkie in her mouth.

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  1. So, if one of her names is “Little Frat Boy”, does that mean we can get her a t-shirt that says “Animal” on it?

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