The Three Laws of Baby Sleep

The three laws of sleep as applied to a household that contains a new baby are remarkably similar to those involving entropy. To wit:

1. You can’t win.
2. You can’t break even.
3. You can’t get out of the game.

Also note that while sleep cannot really be created, it can easily be destroyed.

HOMEWORK: Given the three laws of baby sleep, what is the individual probability that, while Misty was feeding Liza at 4:00 A.M., Eli got up? What is the individual probability that, while Stephen was rocking Liza to sleep at 4:30 A.M., Eli got up again? What is the combined probability?

4 thoughts on “The Three Laws of Baby Sleep

  1. This is quite possibly the only probability equation that results in a value greater than 1.

  2. Homework? I never did homework. Well, okay, sometimes I did my probability and statistics homeworks because it was fun to push numbers around, but … I don’t have enough trials to determine combined probability.


  3. I would say that the probability is 1, but then again, that was a leading homework problem.

  4. The answer is no longer probability. It is fact. That *WILL* happen…every time. The older code base has an internal fault alarm that triggers when the new code base is active.

    Just get used to it.

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