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I Would Like to Trade Ennui for Meaningful Choice

There are few things more futile than a game of Candy Land.

A game of Candy Land followed by a game of Chutes and Ladders qualifies.

I’ve been trying to teach Eli to play Settlers of Catan, but he just hordes his sheep and makes baa noises.

Baby 2.0 Changelog

Version 2.0 – 10 May 2007

Lowered the thresholds on warnings and alarms significantly. While this may increase the number of false alarms, this should help prevent critical errors or program crashes.
Added new audio alarms that sound when anything is in the output queue. Previously queue contents could accumulate with little to no notice, requiring users […]


When I was about 12, I got a copy of “Dr. Who – The Game of Time and Space,” the board game from Games Workshop. In it, you moved around the galaxy, visiting worlds and trying to reconstruct the Key to Time. You had to fight classic Dr. Who villains like Daleks and Cybermen. In […]

Interstellar Colonization is Really Difficult

SF author Charles Stross crunches the numbers and explains how difficult space colonization is.

The long and the short of what I’m trying to get across is quite simply that, in the absence of technology indistinguishable from magic — magic tech that, furthermore, does things that from today’s perspective appear to play fast and loose with […]

Happy Father’s Day!

Granade’s Laws of Online Discussion

The first law: The ratio of finished projects to the number of posts and comments naturally approaches zero.

The second law: If the ratio begins at zero, it is unlikely ever to increase.

This helps explain the phenomenon where someone shows up on a forum for writers and starts talking about their fabulous novel which they never […]


These are the pinnacle of their various sub-memes.

I don’t know the attribute for the second one, and the third is a re-creation of one I saw on a 1980s-bands-themed thread. The first one, though, is from ghoti on LiveJournal.

Finally, the best lolcat ever, also with no known attribution.

God speed, indeed.

Technorati Tags: lolcats, im-in-ur, […]

It Was an Eon in Baby Time

We* fed Liza last night from about 8:00 P.M. to 8:30.

She next ate around 3 A.M.

That’s seven hours. Seven hours, I should add, that she mostly spent asleep.

I have no idea if she’ll keep doing this. I can only hope so.

*This is, of course, an extremely generous use of the word “we”.

My Little Houdini

This is how I found Liza this morning. Her velcro swaddle blanket is suppose to stay closed and keep her snuggly all night. I guess it doesn’t work so well any more or maybe she’s Supergirl.

And a bonus baby product: the bumbo seat. Designed to keep baby upright, as long as she can hold her […]

Friday Night Videos: Van Roth

We’re back, baby!

David Lee Roth: Just a Gigolo/I Ain’t Got Nobody (1985)

I swear, people used to think David Lee Roth was cool. I mean, he got all the girls, and guys thought he was something else. I still think he’s something else, only now it’s in a “holy cow he’s a goof” kind of way. […]