Back From Atlanta

I have survived Atlanta. It was cooler than here in Alabama, a fact that surprised me but helped me survive seeing The Decemberists outside in July. Misty didn’t kill Eli, Liza, or herself, so overall I count the weekend to be a success. I got home late Sunday afternoon, just in time to play with Eli, eat dinner with Misty, and smell Liza’s head. The baby wash we use makes the top of her head smell like a thousand babies sighing contentedly.

Here’s a random topic that came up this weekend: 1980s cartoons and action shows. What ones do you remember watching? I watched the usual range of action shows — Knight Rider, Airwolf, Magnum P.I. — but as far as cartoons go, I watched some weird ones. The weirdest involved strange talking animals, such as Shirt Tales, but nothing beat Pandamonium for wacked-out cartoon strangeness. See, there’s this mystic pyramid that an evil guy wanted, only it broke into bunches of pieces and fell to Earth. Two kids tried to rescue all of the pieces of pyramid before the evil guy could find them. The kids had help in the form of three talking pandas who could smush together into a single super-panda.

There’s no need to give me that look. Why would I lie to you? Besides, now that YouTube exists, I can prove that the cartoon existed by forcing the opening theme on you.

Not since the heyday of Sid and Marty Krofft was kids’ programming so crazed. Go ahead, I dare you: come up with a stranger cartoon that you watched.