Insert Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance Here

Have you ever seen that circus routine that involves spinning many many plates on poles? The idea is that you get plates spinning on poles and the gyroscopic effect keeps them in place. Eventually they slow down, so you have to give them another spin. As you add more poles and more plates, you have to run around keeping them all spinning so they don’t fall and shatter.

That’s what my job is going to be like this week. Expect little posting for me, until stress makes me snap and post something long.

What, you’ve never seen plate spinning? Well, here you go. It even uses the Sabre Dance movement for background music.

3 thoughts on “Insert Khachaturian’s Sabre Dance Here

  1. I think it was originally a vaudeville act. I’m not sure of the appeal myself, but it’s an apt metaphor for a great many things. Teaching was like that.

  2. There’s even an ad for some motel chain that uses plate-spinning as an integral part of its message. And yes, teaching is indeed like that!

  3. To further add to the thought that teaching, if not life, is like a plate-spinning act, I use that act in the corporate training world to great effect.

    Assign a message or talking point to each plate and the entertainment presentation becomes a learning tool. It creates a permanent visual image in the minds of the viewers.

    Anyway, belated thanks for the link to my video on YouTube.

    Andy Martello

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