We Are Back Online

Hey, we’re back! It’s been an interesting twenty-four hours. It appears lightning struck some three inches from our house, found the cable line, and thought, Hey, I bet there are sweet sweet electronics in there for me to munch on. And, lo, it was so.

As things go, this could have been so much worse. All four of us were in the kitchen eating when Zeus decided he’d had enough of our lip. As reported earlier, Misty could smell the ozone, and had she or I been standing at the sink, it’s possible we could have been struck. Our house could have caught fire, which, when coupled with the stifling heat and driving hot rain, would have been just swell. I was out in it for a minute to make sure no flames were leaping merrily on our roof, and let me tell you, I’m glad I didn’t have to wait out there while fire engine sirens dopplered towards us. We also didn’t have air conditioning for thirty minutes, until I got smart and went outside again and flipped the breaker next to the a/c unit.

We’ve had a fun time figuring out what all went wrong. My old CRT monitor in the office had a nice corona effect on it that went away after degaussing, but was otherwise fine. Misty’s and my computers lived through it. The Linux box was less fortunate, though all it lost were the on-board PS2 and ethernet interfaces. The cable modem was toast, as was the wan side of our wireless router. Our TV’s gone, or at least the part of it that turns electrical signals into video, so if anyone wants a very large and power-hungry Philco, have I got a deal for you. Two different repairmen told me not to bother doing anything with it other than perhaps turning it into an art installation piece. The seven-year-old TiVo likewise is dead, and the magic smoke came out of our D-Link streaming media thingy.

While we have a large pile of useless electronics in our living room right now, we’re all fine, and all we lost were conveniences. Geof, Jon and Ashley, and Jeff have all come through in our hour of want, loaning equipment and helping me convince the Linux box to ignore the smoky-smelling ethernet port in favor of the old ethernet card I shoved down its throat. I’m not happy about what happened, mind you, but we’ve come out of it okay, and we’ve been again reminded that we have the bestest friends around.

Now who wants to explain this new-fangled HDTV thing to me?

8 thoughts on “We Are Back Online

  1. Yikes! Glad all are okay.

    As for your final question: 1080p, baby. Come over to the dark side.

  2. [I am amused by the use of “hour of want”. Apt.]

    Like I said … I just can’t bring myself to do the HD thing yet. I can’t make the price proposition work.

  3. Stephen. 1080p. I agree with Mike. Sean and I, fortunately, though, have a few months to save up for our glorious purchase of excess. HD is expensive, but I think you’ll be glad you made the investment within the next year or two.
    How much is your homeowner’s insurance going to help you guys out with this?

  4. Yes, if you want to talk TVs sometime, just let me know. Also, go check over at http://www.avsforums.com Probably the most comprehensive site to go to about HDTV stuff. We have outs picked out, just saving up the bucks!

    Oh, and give the TV to Geof, I hear TVs make pretty when shot with guns.

  5. The web address above has a typo. You’re looking for http://www.avsforum.com/ note the lack of an ‘s’ on forum.

    The other page we found useful was http://www.nextag.com it’s just a price comparison page, but it shows a graph of the price over the last few months. Really helps you get a feel for what to expect the prices to do. At least you can try and by something that won’t 1/2 in price one month later.

  6. WOW! Sure am glad the only thing hurt were electronics though I’m sure it’s highly annoying to replace them…

  7. Goodness, how exciting. For some definition of exciting. 😛 I’m glad all the humans are ok.

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