Art Boy

Friday afternoon our doorbell rang and when I answered it was a young man trying to sell his art door to door. He had done several reproductions that he wanted to show me. I told him I was somewhat of an artist myself so my house already had a lot of art. He quickly changed tactics and asked if I would look over them and give my opinion. I said sure. He started flipping through his portfolio and got to a repro of VanGogh’s Starry Night. As soon as Eli saw it he said, “Oh Wow! That looks just like Starry Night.” I thought the man was going to fall and start worshiping at my feet since I had trained my boy so well.

7 thoughts on “Art Boy

  1. yes thanks to being an art major and thanks to baby einstein. i have children that can recognize them too. that and ode to joy because of baby e. again…. and the fact that its my ring tone. my youngest shouts baby einstien is calling you mom!

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