Jack Thompson May Have Been Right

It all started with Tasty Planet. Eli wanted to play it all the time. We worked our way through it, but its charms wore off quickly. Every day he would ask to play Tasty Planet again, and every day I would dread playing it even more.

Finally I snapped. “Hey, Eli, let’s not play Tasty Planet today. Let’s play Katamari Damacy!” He wailed and gnashed his teeth. How could anything be better than Tasty Planet?

The next day, he demanded more Katamari Damacy. He couldn’t say the name, which led to us practicing it. He still will occasionally tell Misty and me, “Say it with me. Cat. Aahh. Mah. Ree.”

We played through both Katamari games on the PS2. We collected all the royal presents. We found all of the cousins. We even spent some time rolling up roses on the final, nearly-never-ending level of We Love Katamari.

And in the process, Eli had made me hate the Katamari games.

Sunday, I snapped again. I rooted around in my stack of PS2 games until I found Lego Star Wars. “Hey, want to try this game?” I asked Eli. Again there was wailing and gnashing of teeth.

The last two days, the moment I’ve gotten home, he’s asked if we could play Lego Star Wars. He’s tried to explain the game to his teachers, with little success.

Maybe next month we can move on to Bioshock.

7 thoughts on “Jack Thompson May Have Been Right

  1. Dude, don’t even say Jack Thompson was right…even in jest.

    It’s sort of like looking at a mirror and saying sandman 13 times or whatever…bad juju.

    I can’t wait till my little girl is old enough to be educated about video games. So far her foray into games includes sitting on my lap while I farm in Guild Wars, and dancing while we play various Guitar Hero games.

    I’m guessing Katamari is worth a buy from your entry…perhaps I will do that.

  2. I really enjoyed the Katamari series, even before I played it with Eli. I’d recommend “We [Heart] Katamari” over the original, since the gameplay is more refined and less frustrating.

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