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In the Hall of the Liza Queen

Liza, like all babies, is a tyrant. Her demands are few but inflexible. She will have naps when she decides to have them. She will have food when she is hungry. She will have members of her court entertain her when she grows bored.

We each have assigned roles. Misty is the chamberlain and cup-bearer (after […]

Noir Liza

Things to Do with Active Boys

Eli is a wild man. The only time he is still is during sleep and well, that’s it. Even then he sleeps like a wild man, all over the bed with the tossing and the turning and the rumpling of covers. So we have had a hard time coming up with things to do this […]

Jack Thompson May Have Been Right

It all started with Tasty Planet. Eli wanted to play it all the time. We worked our way through it, but its charms wore off quickly. Every day he would ask to play Tasty Planet again, and every day I would dread playing it even more.

Finally I snapped. “Hey, Eli, let’s not play Tasty Planet […]

Bento Love

I have been looking at these pictures of bentos all day! I cannot look away.

Don’t start looking at them until you have at least half an hour to dedicate to reading all her notes on how she’s prepared things.

These are so fun now I want to start making them.

Robert Jordan is Dead, Alas

James Rigney, who wrote under the name Robert Jordan, died yesterday from amyloidosis. He’d been ill for a while, but his death still came as a surprise.

I never read the Wheel of Time books. Somehow I missed starting the series, and only found out about it some three or four books in. At that point […]

There’s No Stoppin’ This Much Cute

The More the Crazier, or Alan Keyes Has Entered the Building

Things have been quiet since Fred Thompson surprised no-one by announcing his candidacy for President. In fact, it’s been too quiet.

These are the words of Alan Keyes as he declared his candidacy for president on Janet Parshall’s nationally syndicated radio program, “I will be participating in the Values Voter Debate on Monday as a candidate, […]

When All You Have is the Pareto Principle

In 1906, 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population.

80% of the people use 20% of a given software’s features.

80% of sales is generated by 20% of your salespeople.

80% of computer processing time is spent running 20% of a program’s code.

80% of your business should come from 20% of your […]

Roots & Grubs T-Shirt Design

A while back a friend of ours, Matthew, did an all call for some t-shirt designs to promote his website, Roots & Grubs. I made something up and sent it to him and now the shirts are available for purchase here. So go support Matthew by buying a cool shirt.

Hey I can say the […]