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Turkish Star Wars

We’ve not been posting much lately, due to life being overwhelming. We’re going to fix that this week. And what better way to give you the original content you’ve come to expect from us than by posting YouTube videos!

Let’s get down to it.

Did you know that there’s a Turkish version of Star Wars? Dünyayı Kurtaran […]

If Eli Had Thoughts on the Writers’ Strike

So Hollywood writers are striking. Good for them. Instead of trying to explain the strike, I’ll point to John Rogers, who has a nice rundown on the reason for the strike, as well as some follow-up thoughts.

All of that is a lead-up to the following video, which a friend of mine pointed me to, with […]

Liza Red in Toothless Maw

Dear Liza,

You’ve been teething for quite some time now, and frankly, it’s time you stopped. It’s making you irritable, causing you to wake up six or seven times in the night. You have diarrhea. You have occasional fever. You will not be soothed.

We’re not doing so well, your mom and I. We’d gotten soft, lazing […]

Where Did the Past Two Weeks Go?

Wow! The past two weeks have been crazy!

LanaBob! was here last week. We had an awesome time and she actually got to stay longer than expected. So I feel like we had a nice long visit where she got to spend time with the kidlets and get to know them better and we got to […]

Please Keep All Engine Parts Inside the Vehicle at All Times

Life is busy here at the Granade compound, what with hating on Guitar Hero and keeping Eli and now Liza in cages. All I have time for is to point out, once again, that rocket science is indeed hard. Armadillo Aerospace tried to win the X Prize Lunar Lander Challenge at the end of October. […]

Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton and Podcasters

Misty was nice enough to let me drive to Atlanta to see Jonathan Coulton in concert on Friday. Paul and Storm, who were half of the a capella group Da Vinci’s Notebook, opened for him. They gave up a capella songs just for our friend Liza, though they’re still doing very jokey songs, like their […]

Amusing Me this a.m.

Last night Stephen and I were kicking around websites that are talking about his companion cube piece. Yeah, we are easily amused by our own press. If the internet isn’t good for looking at yourself, I’m not sure what else it’s good for. (Stop right there before you type “Porn” into my comment box.)

So I […]

A Second Life PSA

One of our readers, Joel Dahlquist, asked for my thoughts about a new obesity-prevention PSA from the Ad Council. Hopefully this will be the start of a new trend, since reader requests mean I don’t have to think up what to write about and can spend my time more productively by playing Portal.

Anyway, here’s the […]

Maize Maze 2007

New Photos on Flickr

I just uploaded a gazillion new photos. Here’s a peek:

Halloween 2007
Eli told me one day that he was going to be Spiderman for Halloween. It was news to me so I had to hustle to Wal-Mart and get a costume. While we were shopping, I asked Eli if he wanted to wear the regular red […]