Cute Photo Friday

Eli got Lincoln Logs for Christmas. He and Stephen spent one whole evening putting all the houses together and then Eli added little lights to his huts and turned out the lights. Stephen snapped this funny photo.

OBU sends babies of alumni a Future Tiger shirt and an admission letter for some stupid future date like 2021. Sheesh. Here’s Liza sporting her tiger shirt and appropriately enough for OBU, seemingly looking toward the angels.

10 thoughts on “Cute Photo Friday

  1. The pictures of both lids are fantastic. Thhe one of Liza shows me how much ahe has grown since I saw fer!!!

  2. The one of Eli is not so much funny as scary, in that Children-of-the-Corn sort of way. Today, Lincoln Logs Village, tomorrow, the world!

  3. Oh, whew, I was afraid for a second that Liza was wearing an Auburn shirt and I’d have to stop talking to you.

  4. The pics are cute! The t-shirt is cute too. I just hope they will not be sending “Future Chi Delta” shirts to Liza.

  5. yes everyone of my kids recieved their t shirt too. hopefullythey have improved them since then because the neck was soooo tiny that its was torture to get it over their heads. ok well maybe my kids just have huge heads but i do think they were a little on the small size. 🙂

  6. Too cute! Eli looks like he’s contemplating ways to take over the world, but at 3, it’s a cute look!

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