Soul Burger

Last Tuesday we went to Soul Burger on our greater Huntsville restaurant tour. I wish their website did the place justice; sadly, it does not.

This place is heavy on personality. Most notably the owner, Kathy, is full of personality and she absolutely lights up the whole place. She’s at the register when you come in and she greets you with great big “Hello, Sweetiepie!” Don’t pretend you’ve been there before when you haven’t. She’ll catch you and start ringing her bell and yelling, “We’ve got virgins here! Ya’ll give these folks some love!” Sounds awful, right? It’s not–everyone claps and shouts their own greetings and pretty soon you feel like Norm on Cheers. The best part was while we were eating our lunch some more new people came in and Kathy gave them the treatment and Stephen and I were clapping along like we’d been there a hundred times before.

Stephen and I both ordered Soul Burgers. I got fries and he got onion rings. Kathy said they’d just started serving the onion rings so we should give them a try. The burger was great. It was a very nice burger for a great price. Easily worth driving over for on a regular basis. The onion rings are a different story. I’m pretty sure that the next time I go, I’m just going to order the onion rings and have a bite of someone else’s burger. Sonic may dip their onion rings in milkshake batter before they fry them, but Kathy dips hers in ambrosia first. In fact, I want to go get some right now. Better yet, I want to make Stephen go get me some right now.

Stephen asked what the “Big Daddy” was on the menu. Kathy said it was a pound of ground beef. While we were waiting on our food I noticed the Triple Big Daddy on the menu. Yeah, three pounds of ground beef for $10. If you order that when you go, please for all that is good and holy take a picture for me.

I give Soul Burger a big ol’ thumbs up. Next time you are in town, we’ll take you over to Soul Burger to meet Kathy and get some onion rings.

6 thoughts on “Soul Burger

  1. Hmmmmm. I will definitely have to try that place soon [like, say, next Saturday on my way to the VBC]. I worry that Five Guys over by Target may crowd them out of an already-tough gourmet burger market. After all, I saw folks I know from my old SE Huntsville church at FG on Saturday night …

    And I think I’d have to not eat for a couple days before I could go after a Triple Big Daddy. And then I might need a triple bypass.

  2. The words “Big Daddy” immediately put me into alert mode.

    Big Daddies are the semi-bosses in deep sea diving suits in Bioshock.

    I should get out more often.

  3. Our gang eats Red Robin burgers – their “Bleu Burger” makes my mouth water just thinking about it, and we actually bought some of the “Red Robin Spice” to add to our home-cooked meals. This is the only time in my memory that I’ve purchased restaurant food for home, so it’s a big deal.

    That said, I feel like traipsing over to your neck of the woods (and I haven’t been to Alabama in 20 years), and letting Kathy call me ‘Sweetiepie’. Sounds like a tasty lark.

  4. Kat – Ask your Mom and Dad if they’ve been to SB. It’s about 2 feet from the front door of their office.

    Cam – Next time you are in this area, we will meet at SB!

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