What the Kids Have Been Up to Lately

Liza is now signing sentences. She’s stringing signs together and she knows what they all mean. Last night after I finished bathing her and Eli, I pulled her out to dry her off first. She looked at me and then she looked at Eli still sitting in the tub and signed “Eli” “bath” as if to say, “How come he gets to stay in the tub?!” She was quite disgusted until I handed her a rubber bath letter to chew on while I got her dressed. She now signs “more” and “eat” pretty regularly at meal times.

The other fun thing is she is vocalizing to go with some hand movements. She makes some noise that sounds amazingly like “Hi!” when she’s waving. When you call her Liza with her sign, she will sometimes wave her hand in front of her face and say something that sounds a lot like “Liza.”

Standing but no walking yet. Yes, that is the master bathroom complete with playground, thanks for asking.

Eli equals the funny. Next time you see him ask him to tell you a knock knock joke, the one about the impatient cow. It cracks me up no matter how many times in a row he tells it. Both Stephen and I have talked about his storytelling proclivities and they continue to amaze. When Stephen leaves for work now, Eli often reminds him to watch out for rocks, trees, and mudslides. Because without Eli in the car with the fireball gun to defend against those aggressors, Stephen might not make it to work in one piece.

You only have to let him talk and sooner or later he’ll bust out with something so hilarious you think you’re talking to a kid three times his age.

He also has the magical eyebrow of funny.

I predict that Eli will be in musical theater and Liza will be the next Einstein but, you know, with great hair.

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  1. That is all awesome! It is really fun for me right now to watch Phoebe grow and develop daily. It gives me great joy. 🙂

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