Pesto Orzo with Chicken & Pinenuts

When we lived in Durham there was a Mediterranean sandwich shop that made a pesto orzo dish with pinenuts. I think I might have been addicted to the stuff because I wanted to eat there all the time. This was my attempt to recreate it so that Stephen would stop gripping about having to take me there for dinner.

1 lb package of orzo
2 packages of Knorr Pesto Sauce Mix
1 2.25 oz package of pinenuts
2-3 broiled cutup chicken breasts

Cook orzo according to package directions. Mix Knorr pesto according to directions, you don’t have to cook it if you are adding it to the hot pasta. Add in pinenuts and chicken. Add copious amounts of black pepper, and by that I mean grind pepper until your hand is tired and stir and then add pepper again. Sometimes I add in some variety of white cheese. It can be served hot or cold.