Happy Easter 2008

Someday both of my children will look at the camera at the same time. I count on that happening around the same time Liza starts sleeping through the night, so when she’s 10.

Dr. Suess was well represented in the Easter basket this year.

Liza got eggs full of Cheerios and this book for Easter. She liked the Cheerios best.

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter 2008

  1. Great photos! Especially the last one of Liza!

    She’ll get to that whole sleep through the night thing eventually. Ivy almost was doing it last week, then we had the new baby. Now Ivy sleeps great, but there is none left over for us.

    We’re over quota on sleep, I think Dylan is using it all up.

    Pics at the link, if you want to see.

  2. Those pics are great. Congratulations to you four! And I’m glad you cut the cord — I did that with Eli, and it is one of my favorite memories of that day.

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