A Four Year Old Reviews You Have to Burn the Rope

Some time ago I showed Eli the Flash game You Have to Burn the Rope. He immediately wanted to play it again.

At this point I estimate we’ve played it twenty times.

It got to where he would tell everyone who came to our house about the game. And that’s when I wondered, what would happen if I asked him to review it?

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10 thoughts on “A Four Year Old Reviews You Have to Burn the Rope

  1. Vika: And it’s often a different song every time.

    Tablesaw: ha! I should get one of those mics for podcasting instead of the one you see Eli using.

    Jessica: now you know one of the things I ended up doing with your camera. 🙂

  2. You may receive “hate mail” from SOME people but of course you know this kind of post is just music to his grandmothers’ ears. We love it! Keep it up!

  3. This is great! *grins* More please.

    Simon and I sometimes sing our conversations too — usually when Simon starts singing though it is to distract me from whatever I’m doing, so I’ll do what he wants me to do.

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