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Blue Plate Cafe

A couple of weeks ago, Stephen and I hit the Blue Plate Cafe in Huntsville. We went with the specific intention of a review. It’s a pretty good place to eat if you dig the “meat and three” kind of lunch.

We went early because we’d heard it’s always busy. It’s a good thing because it […]

“Restaurant at the End of the Universe” as a Text Adventure

Andy Baio has a long post describing Infocom’s efforts to make Restaurant at the End of the Universe as a text adventure. It would have been the sequel to their version of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (which you can play online) that’s mentioned at the end of the game. Andy has internal Infocom emails […]

A Four Year Old Reviews You Have to Burn the Rope

Some time ago I showed Eli the Flash game You Have to Burn the Rope. He immediately wanted to play it again.

At this point I estimate we’ve played it twenty times.

It got to where he would tell everyone who came to our house about the game. And that’s when I wondered, what would happen if […]

A Hike and A Picnic

Wednesday, Wendy lured us on a small hike with a picnic in the middle and then a hike back.

Pause for a moment and think about:

1) me on a hike
2) with Eli the Whiny (when things aren’t going his way),
3) Liza the Deaf Maker (when things aren’t going her way), and
4) all of our stuff!

Wendy […]

Eli Idol

It’s been a while since we’ve let you hear Eli singing. He sings all the time, making up songs about whatever is going on in his life, like eating breakfast and playing Zack and Wiki. In this case, he’s singing about friends.


Happy US Tax Day!

April 15, 1955: The first McDonald’s franchise opens.
April 15, 1984: Tommy Cooper has a heart attack on live TV and dies.
April 15, 1865: Abraham Lincoln dies.
April 15, 1989: 96 Liverpool FC fans die in a crush of people exiting Hillsborough Stadium.
April 15, 1912: The RMS Titanic sinks.
April 15, 1941: The Luftwaffe’s Belfast Blitz kills one […]

Vidal Sassoon Should Sue

Let me not indulge in false modesty. I have amazing hair.

I easily have the hair of a woman twice my age. People cannot keep their hands off of it. They tousle it. They pet it. They say, “Liza, you have such beautiful hair. How do you get it to be so full, so shiny, so […]

Cute Photo Friday

Late post, I know but it’s been busy around here what with the weather and my Frankenstein laptop! (More on that later!)

Eli striking a pose! I actually got a photo of him with his eyes open and his mouth closed.

Liza doing what Liza loves best — Looking at books! As if in this household, she […]


We were just driving home from a friend’s house. I was looking at the clouds back toward where our subdivision is and I thought to myself that it looked like a “funnel cloud.” I’ve never seen a funnel cloud before but it looked exactly like how I’ve always heard them described. It was moving pretty […]

Look! An Article Written by Liza

In case you missed it, here’s Liza’s rather narrow perspective on life:
I Can’t Imagine Why Anybody Would Want To Stop Crying.

Ok, really it’s an Onion article, but this part sounds exactly like Liza:

Take my parents, for example. If it wasn’t for my tireless efforts, they’d sleep through the night! Can you believe it? I don’t […]