Tomorrow I’ll Teach Him to Yell “Hadouken!”

Last night, when Eli again asked that we keep playing through Zack and Wiki instead of Mario Kart Wii, I realized that he’s most interested in games that involve some semblance of plot. My kid is going to be an adventure game player!

Of course, even when a game doesn’t have a story, he’s happy to incorporate elements of it into new stories of his own.

ME: I’m going to work! Bye!

ELI: Be careful! Watch out for missiles!

ME: I’ll watch out.

ELI: You can beat them with a fireball.

ME: Or maybe a turtle shell, like in Mario Kart.

ELI: Which do you want, fireballs or turtle shells?

ME: I’ll take turtle shells.

ELI: Use the red ones! Those blow up missiles.

6 thoughts on “Tomorrow I’ll Teach Him to Yell “Hadouken!”

  1. Absolutely!

    I guess this means, when Eli decides to rebel, he’ll have to only consume high culture. He’ll turn 13 and all of a sudden he’ll only listen to modern composers and go to the opera.

  2. We have fun imagining how Z will rebel. He’ll probably become a chartered accountant.

  3. LOL, joyeuse! Long time since I’ve heard a bean counter joke (yep, I passed ye olde CPA exam many moons ago).

    If Z does become a bean counter, it might make you (and him) feel better to know I’ve read the psychological profiles of accountants are almost identical to those of airline pilots (briefly: detail oriented, creative, low risk takers). Somehow airline pilot sounds a lot sexier, though, doesn’t it?! 😉

    That was just an adorable exchange, Stephen!

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