Monthly Archives: June 2008

Gardening Weekend

This weekend Stephen decided to get started finishing our front flower beds. This is what they looked like before:

This is what two of the three look like now:

Yes, Mom, we did use that black edging stuff that you don’t like. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything else that go around the curvy bits as well as that […]

Three Bumper Stickers

Yesterday we saw a car with three bumper stickers:

A “PEACE” circle sticker
A “W The President” sticker
A “GAS PRICES SUCK!” sticker

The car was, of course, a Ford Expedition.

Facts I Rediscovered at 10 PM Last Night

My yard is made of 90% rocks and 10% fire ants.

Prog Rock Friday: Porcupine Tree

Well, neo-prog, really, as Steven Wilson was around six years old during the heyday of prog rock. Caution: overheated lyrics ahead!

And if “Gravity Eyelids” is too noodly dreamy for you, how about “Blackest Eyes”?

How We Wake Up These Days

Left to our own devices, Misty and I tend to sleep late. Even after having Eli and Liza — and isn’t that a lovely phrase, “having Eli and Liza”? As if we invited them over for dinner one night and they never left — we still occasionally got to sleep until 7 or 7:30.

That’s all […]

Stephen Belatedly Gets Into Transformative Remixes

I’ve never listened to a lot of mashups. I appreciate a lot of vs. songs, like most of Party Ben’s, more than I enjoy them. That’s especially true of the Evolution Control Committee’s “Pwn Monkey”, which layers the vocals from Jonathan Coulton’s “Code Monkey” over thirty different songs, all chosen to match the vocals’ chord […]

There’s Always Farther to Go

I’ve been editing videos for some three or four years now. When I look back at my early efforts, I can see how far I’ve come.

Then I see something like this and am reminded of what I have left to learn.

Watch especially how Jamin Winans cut setting up and tearing down the turntables, and how […]

For LanaBob!

Eli starts soccer camp tomorrow. He’s declared these his new favorite shoes.


Liza loves her some butterflies almost as much as our nephew Sam loves trucks. How much does Sam love trucks, you ask? When they get car inserts in their newspaper, Andrew or Joy has to sit with Sam and read the insert cover to cover many, many times and even after that, Sam saves it […]

Picture Week Continues! Now with Swimming Eli!

Yesterday was the end of Eli’s two weeks of swimming lessons. He completely loved it and I think he did pretty well for never having had any instruction whatsoever. The best part is he isn’t afraid of the water, which can only mean he’ll grow up to be an Olympic swimmer.